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Snohomish Then and NowI
f you like what you are seeing here, and are thinking about doing your own blog, starting a business, or have an existing website that needs redoing, I can help.

My website design training began in 1996 when I was included in a group of Seattle artists selected for free website design instruction in order to promote their artwork. The program was funded by the Seattle Art Museum and Microsoft.

Snohomish Historical Society“WordPress” was not even a word then! First known as “b2/cafelog,” the internet’s most popular blogging system today, began in 2003.

BWP, (before WordPress), I wrote code in the DreamWeaver software called HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language – then the file is uploaded to the server hosting your website files using a “File Transfer Protocol” (FTP)!

Forget all that using WordPress.

When I joined the board of the Snohomish Historical Society and took on the task of re-doing the website, I began researching this thing called “CMS” — Content Management Systems — and that’s when I came across the WordPress software. Happy to report that my first WordPress website, went live in 2008 and is still in place here.

AngelArmsWorksSeveral years later the Thesis Theme was recommended to me as an alternative to the free themes contributed by the WordPress community, and I have come to depend on it’s flexibility.

Yoga Circle StudioThis site, the one your are reading, was the first convert to the Thesis Theme.  Then the site for the art studio and home I share with Karen Guzak. Our most heavily visited site is for Karen’s Yoga Circle Studio, it receives some 600 visits a day. Recently, I have been adding short movie clips to the site that we call, “Workshop Moments!”  Adding YouTube videos to a website increases traffic and encourages longer visits.

Written WorkFriend Susan, from my days of teaching at Boston University, contacted me about redoing her website using WordPress — but she didn’t want it to look like a “blog.” A handy feature of WordPress is that with the click of a box, the Home Page becomes static and you can move the blog to another page on the site. The other feature Susan wanted was for the navigation menu to be verticale and placed on the right hand side instead of across the top. This speaks to the flexibility of the Thesis Theme.

The Dance SchoolLast year I was hired to redo the website for The Dance School of Everett. Old website (On the right is a before screen capture). Unlike Susan, the board member leading the school’s website redo wanted to use the “WordPress loop” to keep the Home Page fresh with the latest news. I invite you to visit the site to check out the rotating header images that I captured and installed. Also the images of classes in progress on the Classes page. I specialize in photography and movie-making for the web.

Other services include planning, writing, and one-on-one tutorials toward making your new WordPress website work for you and your organization.

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