Do You Know This Former Snohomish Business?

snohomish then and now image

Can you identify the former Snohomish business that used these boilers, or even the men pictured? And what was the company’s famous name when it abandoned the boiler still standing?

Please comment below with your guess; and watch for the story with more pictures next month.

On another subject under the heading: “Local Boys Make Good”The Wired!Band won the International Blues Challenge 2012 in Memphis earlier this month. Kevin, Keith, and Rick played their way to first place in a contest of some 100 bands — Congrats all around.

I had the good fortune of seeing their first two performances in the quarterfinals but had to move on to New Orleans for the first parade of the Mardis Gras celebration. You are invited to view my blog of the grand trip, but here is the direct link to short clips from their first performance on February 1st.

2 thoughts on “Do You Know This Former Snohomish Business?”

  1. Of course, boiler still standing is from the Darigold plant.

    I am guessing that the 1910 boiler is for a saw mill or shingle mill. It could be shake bolts in the picture.

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