Girls’ Basketball Teams: 1909-2009

Girls' BBall Teams, 100 years apart!

LET’S BEGIN WITH A CHEER OF THANKS to the 2009 Snohomish High School Girls Basketball Team and their coach Ken Roberts for making time during a busy graduation week to step back a hundred years by repeating the charming pose of the 1909 team.

Most readers are familiar with the terrific season enjoyed by the 2009 team; unfortunately, there is nothing to report about the 1909 team. The reverse side of the historic photograph is blank, I could not locate a 1909 yearbook (if one was published), and most mysterious of all, there are no copies of this paper’s issues for all of 1909! Not in the boxes at our public library, nor on film. Consequently, I am sending out a plea for readers to search their family albums stored in the attic or forgotten closets, for anything that can help us learn more about the 1909 girls basketball team.

In the meantime, let’s thank photographer Dennis Bishop, who has generously shared his photographic skills with us in the past, but he has out done himself with this stunning shot.

The Society has been using the historic image on its letterhead and other promotional materials as one way to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. And on Saturday, June 20th at 6:30pm we are hosting a gala Anniversary Dinner with keynote speaker Sunny Speidel, owner of Seattle’s Underground Tour, and daughter of the Charter Night Dinner speaker, Bill Speidel, in 1969.

Plans are in the works for the Society to produce a poster using the two images as another way to mark our anniversary, and to raise awareness of the Society’s contribution to the community by asking the rhetorical question, “Are You Making History Today?”

Girls Basketball Team 1909
THEN: 1909 Snohomish High School girls basketball team. None of the members pictured have been identified; readers’ help is encouraged.

SHS Girls Basketball Team 2009
NOW: 2009 SHS girls basketball team posing as the team did 100 years ago. This team finished their season as district and league champs, and placed second in state. Pictured left to right: Corrine Wayman, Emily Guthrie, Marissa Timmerman, Karley Lampman, Katie Benson, Ally Schmitt, Joanna Balin, Jennifer Berg.
Photo by Dennis Bishop

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